Amazing Switzerland – Travel Guides and Tips

A Trip to Switzerland, it is one of the most amazingly beautiful places you might have seen ever!

The landscapes are so pristinely beautiful and clean and heavenly and the country is immaculately maintained and the Swiss citizens take extreme pride in maintaining their country well.

Travel in Switzerland isn’t only beautiful – it’s also environmentally sound. The eco-minded Swiss have nailed rail travel like no other nation, and climate-neutral boats, solar-powered cable cars, electric buses and car-free towns and resorts further boost its sustainable credentials. Thanks to plentiful charging stations, the entire country is drivable by electric car.

Most major cities, including Bern, Geneva, Zurich and Basel, are connected by rail with daily services.

Tickets do not need to be bought in advance, and they can be purchased at stations on the day of travel or on our official Railways page. That said, look out for sizable discounts when booking “supersaver” tickets ahead of travel.

Driving in Switzerland is a breeze

Skirting lakes and vineyards and twisting up and over passes in the high Alps, Switzerland’s roads are beautiful on a cinematic scale, and the country has plenty of drives that are too darned scenic to rush.

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