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We are not a Travel Agent. We are a Global Travel Marketplace providing a powerful search engine for Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, City Activities as well as many other travel products, such as Airports / Hotels Transfers, Trains, Moto Rentals and many more services.

We search hundreds of Global Airlines, thousand of Hotels and Travel Agencies as well as Providers in order to bring all the options in one place.

In other words, we’re a comparison website.

Our goal is to make your travel bookings easier, faster and simplier because it helps you find the best options and deals in one single page!

We proceed and sell bookings through redirections to our affiliate partners sources.

We do not collect any personal data neither payment details and this is what sets us apart from other meta search  sites.

We work through hundreds of agreements with travel providers in order to get our travel content. Οur algorithm processes results in very fast times and filters them smartly in order to give you best quality results and combinations.

The process for booking flights on is as follows:

  1. Search for flights
    Start by selecting whether you want to search for one-way or round-trip flights, and / or choose if you search for business class ticket and number of passengers.
    Next, provide your departure and arrival city and travel dates.
    Finally, search for flights and price packages.
  2. After you select a flight
    After you’ve selected a flight and price package from result page, you’ll be redirected to partners page in order to confirm your chosen flights, date and price.
  3. Enter passenger info
    After you’ve confirm your flight and price package, you’ll be asked to enter passenger information on the following page.
  4. Confirm passenger info
    Once you’ve added the passenger info and selected your add-ons (if you want any), use the button at the bottom of the screen to go to the payment page.
  5. Payment
    Select “Pay Now”, then choose a payment method, click “Pay Now”, and complete the payment.
  6. Ticketing
    Once your tickets have been issued, we’ll send a confirmation email to your contact email address.


  • Generally, your confirmation email will be sent within 10 minutes after you’ve submitted your booking.

There are two ways to add baggage allowance to your booking:

When booking:
Book your ticket by following the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve entered passenger information, continue to the next page and check whether the option to add checked baggage is displayed:

  1. Displayed: Select the option, then choose the relevant flight and select the passenger and required weight. Once this is done, select the option to pay.
  2. Not displayed: Complete your flight ticket booking first, then request to add baggage allowance by following the steps below.

After booking:
You may do this either on airlines website during your web checkin or by manage your booking where it is an option to by additional baggage and proceed the extra payment directly to the airlines website.

There are 3 ways to obtain your boarding pass:

  1. Go to the airline website and check in online (this option is generally available 72–24 hours before departure, but it’s a good idea to check this on the airline website). You can then either print out your boarding pass or have it sent to your email  address or via SMS to your mobile phone before printing it.
  2. For some flight bookings, the redirected partners provide a check-in service. 
  3. For some flights, you cannot check in online in advance. If this is the case, you should arrive at the airport 3 hours early, then check in and have your boarding pass printed at the airport counter.


Some airlines charge a fee to print your boarding pass at the airport. Details of this are subject to the airline’s confirmation.

Tickets can only be canceled if permitted by the airline policy. If you need to submit a cancellation request, please take a look at the following best option:

Voluntary cancellation:
If your tickets haven’t been used and you need to cancel them, you can find and select the relevant booking by clicking manage my booking directly to airlines website.
 If you do this, the airline may charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the ticket policy. Also, keep in mind that once you’ve canceled a ticket, it cannot be recovered.

Airlines strictly prohibit any passenger from transferring flight tickets to another person.


  • If you need to change a passenger, we recommend you cancel the booking and book a new one for the passenger.
  • Charges may occur based on the ticket policies.
  • Tickets can’t be used by persons other than passengers in any case.

To book a hotel, simply enter your destination city of the country you like to visit, add the check in  date and the check out date on the hotel search page and submit your search. On the search results page, choose a hotel you like, select type of room you like, then you will be redirected to Partners page. Finally enter guest details and submit your booking for payment.

  • If you haven’t made a booking yet, we recommend going to the hotel details page and referring to the check-in times listed before you book. Providing you’re able to check in during this period, you can make a booking and provide your estimated arrival time during the booking process.
  • If you’ve made a booking but won’t be able to check in before the latest check-in time, you can open the partners website purchase made, go to the booking details page, tap the hotel name to open the “Hotel Info and Highlights” page, and select “Contact Hotel” to ask the front desk whether you can check in later.
  • Or you may send us your booking reference number by email to manage this on our end. Once managed our operations support team will send you at your email address relevant confirmation.

If you have any special requests, you can enter them in the “Special Requests” section when booking your stay.

Bookings made on our website in most cases redirect partners include cancellation and modification policies. Whether your booking can be canceled for free and refunded depends on the hotels cancellation policies.

If you’ve already checked in, please ask the hotel if it’s possible to cancel your booking. If the hotel agrees to cancel for free, please ask hotel staff member to send it to you in written. We will need this in order to follow up return of the paid or return amount agreed and manage the return transaction to you.

If you haven’t checked in yet, please contact your request either to redirect partner directly or to our operations support staff in order to let you know whether your reservation booking could be  canceled for free or refunded, you may be required to pay a cancellation fee. 

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