Madrid launches AI assistant for tourists shaking up global travel

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Madrid has initiated a significant advancement in its approach to interacting with tourists by launching VisitMadridGPT, an AI-powered virtual assistant. This initiative, unveiled by Almudena Maíllo, the city’s tourism councilor, is aimed at providing an innovative communication channel that assists tourists both in planning their trips and during their visit to the city.

Enhancing Tourist Experiences with AI

VisitMadridGPT, utilizing the city’s official tourism portal,, as its primary information source, offers personalized recommendations and detailed plans tailored to the individual needs of travelers. The portal itself is a rich repository of data on Madrid, featuring extensive databases of tourist resources, a comprehensive calendar of events, and thematic content that explores various facets of the city.

Councilor Maíllo highlighted that the integration of artificial intelligence into this tool allows it to deliver tailored destination recommendations and suggestions, enhancing the tourist experience significantly. She noted that this launch is a crucial part of the digital transformation goal within the capital’s Strategic Tourism Plan, melding advanced technology with a unique project designed to improve interactions with visitors and deepen their understanding of Madrid.

Features and Accessibility of VisitMadridGPT

The AI assistant not only offers promotional content that suggests various city routes and points of interest, including museums, cultural centers, and natural spaces, but it also ensures that the information is accessible and personalized, even for individuals with specific physical or dietary needs. This makes the virtual assistant an invaluable tool for both tourists and tourism professionals, helping the latter tailor their offerings to clients more effectively.

Multilingual Support and Data Collection

Operating around the clock and accessible via on various devices, this free service can interact in up to 95 languages, ensuring that it caters to a global audience. The ability to email the conversation provides tourists with a personalized local guide in their preferred language.

Additionally, the implementation of VisitMadridGPT allows for the collection and analysis of extensive data on travelers’ preferences and concerns. This information is crucial for the Delegated Tourism Area to craft specific promotional campaigns and strategies, identify new market niches, and refine the experiences offered through municipal tourist services.

Impact on Global Tourism

Madrid’s approach provides a blueprint for other cities aiming to enhance tourist satisfaction and city exploration through digital innovation. By leveraging AI to offer customized and instant support, Madrid not only enhances the visitor experience but also sets a new standard in the integration of technology in tourism. This model shows the potential of digital tools to transform tourist interactions and city marketing, making it a valuable case study for other destinations aiming to improve their tourism services.

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