Ultimate Greece Travel Guide – Best Places to Visit Greek Islands

Greece is ancient sun-bleached ruins piercing blue skies, the balmy Aegean lapping an endless coastline and a culture alive with passionate music, wonderful cuisine and thrill-seeking activities.

As the cradle of Western civilization, it has some of the world’s greatest ancient monuments. While it’s a late bloomer in the modern age and retains echoes of a simpler, time-passed world, contemporary Greece has one of Europe’s fastest-changing cultural landscapes. With its classical past, hang-loose present, and edgy future, Greece offers something for every traveler.

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Best things to do in Greece

Explore ancient Athens

There’s a reason the Acropolis remains the quintessential landmark of Western civilization – it is spectacular. In addition to this towering icon, the streets of central Athens are home to many other remnants of civilizations who have marauded through over time.

Hop around the Greek islands

You’ve probably heard of the biggest Greek islands: SantoriniMykonosRhodesCrete and Corfu. But the beauty of the Greek island experience is that each of the 227 major islands (of approximately 6000) that make up the several island chains in Greece has its own distinct character. Book your Greek Islands Ferry Tickets  <HERE>


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