Best Traditional Taverns in Athens: A Local’s Guide

Athens is a mecca for foodies, when visiting the Greek capital the choice of restaurants and taverns may be overwhelming. In this post we have selected some of the best traditional taverns in Athens which promise an unforgettable and authentic experience. 

Klimataria: A true essence of Greek taverna 

Address: Pl. Theatrou 2, Athens

Nestled amidst the historic center of Athens,  Klimataria tavern stands as a culinary gem, weaving together history, culture, and gastronomy. With a legacy spanning decades since its opening in 1927, this tavern captures the essence of Greek tradition and hospitality.

Passing through its charming entrance, guests are transported into a small hidden oasis surrounded by climbing plants. The warm ambiance, adorned with vintage decor and local artwork, evokes a sense of timelessness. The scent of freshly prepared Mediterranean dishes wafts through the air, enticing guests to indulge in the culinary journey ahead.

Klimataria’s menu is a tribute to authentic Greek flavors, showcasing a medley of traditional recipes passed down through generations. From tender souvlaki to rich moussaka, each dish narrates a story of regional ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship. Locally sourced olive oil, herbs, and seasonal ingredients are harmoniously blended to create a symphony of taste that pays homage to Greece’s culinary heritage.

The tavern’s genuine warmth extends beyond its ambrosial offerings. The staff, known for their genuine smiles and extensive knowledge of the menu, treat every visitor like an old friend, forging connections that linger long after the last plate is cleared.

Klimataria tavern is more than a dining establishment; it’s an embodiment of Athens’ spirit and a tribute to the joys of shared meals. For those seeking an unforgettable taste of Greece’s past and present, this tavern stands as an inviting oasis, where culture and cuisine intertwine.

A perfect meal is best enjoyed with live music – one can enjoy live Rembetiko music on the following days: 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday from 22:00 PM onwards

Friday & Saturday at 22:30 PM onwards 

Tip: number of tables here are limited and reservations are recommended well in advance.

Psaras Tavern: a delightful journey through Greek gastronomy

Address: Erotokritou 16, Athens

Located within the charming streets of Athens in the heart of Plaka neighborhood, Psaras Tavern stands out as a culinary gem that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. With its warm ambiance, attentive service, and delectable cuisine, this tavern offers an unforgettable dining experience for both locals and visitors alike.

Upon stepping into Psarras Tavern, the rustic yet inviting décor immediately transports patrons to a bygone era. The tavern’s cozy interior is adorned with traditional Greek elements, creating an authentic atmosphere that resonates with Greece’s  rich cultural heritage. The staff’s warm welcomes and genuine smiles add to the overall sense of hospitality.

The menu at Psaras Tavern is a delightful journey through Greek gastronomy. From classic dishes like moussaka and souvlaki to inventive reinterpretations of traditional recipes, the offerings cater to a variety of palates. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients shine in each plate, beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. For those seeking an authentic experience, the tavern offers an array of mezes (small plates) that encourage communal dining and sharing.

A highlight of Psaras Tavern is its commitment to showcasing live Greek music and dance. Guests can revel in the sounds of bouzouki, turning dinner into a celebration of Greek culture. This lively entertainment adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience. Live Greek music is available on Thursday – Friday and Saturday starting at 8pm.

In conclusion, Psaras Tavern is a must-visit establishment in Athens, harmoniously fusing tradition with contemporary culinary delights. Its inviting ambience, impeccable service, and mouthwatering dishes paint a vivid picture of Greek culture and hospitality. Whether you’re a local looking for a nostalgic taste of home-cooked meals or a traveler eager to explore authentic Greek cuisine, Psarras Tavern offers an experience that lingers in the heart and the palate. 

Oinomageireio Epirus tavern – in the heart of Varvakeio Central Market 

Oinomageireio Epirus tavern in Athens offers a delightful culinary journey to the heart of authentic Greek cuisine through its exceptional menu and unique ambiance. Set right in the heart of Athens’ Varvakeios Central Market, in the butchers section this cozy eatery serves fantastic home cooked meals. 

Over the years this traditional tavern has become a welcoming spot for the locals working at the central market and back in the days the nightowls dressed in their fancy evening wear would come here for a plate of soup, after a long night of partying at the Greek bouzoukia (Greek nightclubs). 

The menu is a symphony of staple Greek flavors – here you will find a fine selection of famous Greek soups and casserole dishes, and it is one of the rare places, all over Greece where you can enjoy a plate of magiritsa (Easter soup made from lamb offal, which is served only during Greek Orthodox Easter) at any time of year. 

Their signature slow-cooked stews and roasted meats are a testament to their commitment to preserving traditional recipes. The use of locally sourced ingredients adds a touch of freshness that elevates every bite.

Whether you’re a seasoned Greek cuisine enthusiast or a newcomer, Oinomageireio Epirus offers a genuine and delectable experience that captures the essence of Greece. The walls of the Epirus Tavern are decorated with photographs of the famous guests who have visited this lovely tavern over the years – the late Anthony Bourdain was also among the curious visitors.

If you’re in search of a true taste of Greece’s culinary heritage in the heart of Athens, Oinomageireio Epirus tavern is a must-visit destination that promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Nikitas Tavern – A Timeless Culinary Haven in Psyrri

Ag. Anargiron 19, Athens

Nestled within the labyrinthine streets of the vibrant Psyrri neighborhood, Nikitas Tavern stands as a testament to tradition and culinary excellence. Established in 1967, this family-owned gem has been enchanting locals and visitors alike with its commitment to serving fresh, homemade delicacies.

From the moment you step into Nikitas Tavern, the warm ambiance welcomes you like an old friend. The friendly staff, some of whom have been part of the Nikitas family for generations, adds a personal touch to the dining experience.

What truly sets Nikitas Tavern apart is its dedication to crafting dishes with the finest ingredients and a passion for traditional Greek cuisine. The menu mainly consists of meat dishes, with a small selection of freshly cooked daily specialties to chose from.

For a true feast, consider the beef patties – a carnivore’s dream featuring succulent meat seasoned to perfection. Pair it with a glass of local wine recommended by the knowledgeable staff, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a culinary symphony.

The charm of Nikitas Tavern extends beyond the dining room. The quaint outdoor seating on the side streets of Psyrri adds an extra layer of enchantment, providing a delightful setting for an al fresco meal under the stars.

Geros tou Moria Tavern – A Gastronomic Oasis Beneath the Acropolis

  Mnisikleous 27, Plaka – Athens

Nestled beneath the timeless grandeur of the Acropolis, Geros tou Moria Tavern in Plaka stands as a culinary gem, inviting patrons into a world of traditional Greek flavors and unparalleled hospitality.

The charming ambiance of Plaka, one of Athens’ most picturesque neighborhoods, sets the stage for an enchanting dining experience. Geros tou Moria captures the essence of Greek tradition, seamlessly blending authenticity with the allure of the historic surroundings.

The menu at Geros tou Moria is a culinary journey through the heart of Greece. Traditional Greek cuisine takes center stage, offering a tantalizing array of dishes that pay homage to time-honored recipes.

One of the highlights of Geros tou Moria is its idyllic setting along the staircase that leads all the way from the Anafiotika neighborhood along the Mnisikleous street. The outdoor seating area provides an unrivaled backdrop for a meal under the Athenian sky, offering a view of the Acropolis that complements the culinary delights on the table. Live music is available during the evenings.

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