VIENNA TRAVEL GUIDE | Top Things to do in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the greenest cities in the world.

The city’s parks are at their most beautiful in the spring. Spring is also an ideal time for exploring the city and guided tours of Vienna.

Baroque streetscapes and imperial palaces set the stage for Vienna’s artistic and musical masterpieces alongside its coffee-house culture and vibrant epicurean and design scenes.














Vienna is a beautiful historical city. Every few paces seems to bring a palace, monument, church, or a building with the kind of costly decorative façade you just don’t get today.

The Belvedere Palace

If you’re looking for history, art and culture all in one place, make sure you visit the Belvedere Palace-turned-museum. Split across two palaces of the Upper and Lower Belvedere, the Belvedere is one of the most majestic architectural buildings to see in Vienna. Built during the eighteenth century, it’s said that Austrian general of the time, Prince Eugene of Savoy, commissioned Baroque artist, Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, to build the palace – and it’s a true wonder to behold. In Upper Belvere lies an exhibition venue for impersonal collections, while Lower Belvedere hosts illustrious exhibitions. And if that’s not enough, take a walk through the Baroque gardens – they are spectacular.

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